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We can harness the power of our franchise system and apply our extensive expertise to create a prominent HDPE Boat Building company.

About us
WAWA Creations LLP is a company based in the United Kingdom, which specialises in crafting innovative, eco-friendly, and inclusive nautical designs. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we are well equipped to establish a comprehensive Boatbuilding company. Our proficiency spans across Boatbuilding, Yard Management, ISO Certifications, Naval Design, and Maritime Software, enabling us to offer comprehensive training and robust technical support.
Research & Development

At WAWA Creations™, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of naval design and engineering. Our commitment to research and development has led us to create a portfolio of cutting-edge vessels that redefine the possibilities of maritime operations. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we introduce groundbreaking solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients and the challenges of today's maritime landscape.

Our visionary team of designers, engineers, and experts collaborates tirelessly to bring you vessels that not only excel in performance but also embody our commitment to sustainability, versatility, and reliability. Whether you're seeking eco-friendly solutions for eco-resorts, mission-critical craft for security and surveillance, or adaptable vessels that can evolve to meet evolving demands, WAWA Creations™ is your partner in maritime innovation.

Candidate profifile

Management experience


Experience in economic and financial management


Professional skills or degree


Facilitation Skills


Knowledge of the local economic and social fabric


Business trade


Customer satisfaction

Training & Support Services


The future subscriber will undergo a comprehensive two-week training program, conducted at their own boatyard and equipped with the necessary tools for hands-on workshop initiation. Throughout this duration, they will gain insights into our brand's technical methodologies, which are our hallmark, as well as our customer-centric approach and ongoing support. This immersive experience combines both technical and practical training. The newly formed team will not only grasp the fundamentals of our sales approach, understanding what to offer and to whom, but also engage in real-world prospect outreach, collaboratively crafting and delivering key messages tailored to each prospective customer type.

It’s important to accompany our future subscriber with a strong business plan. Besides including most of the basic information, it also includes a financial forecast showing the funding body how profitable your business is likely to be. 

Our franchising program includes the technical training and support of your team. The skills to invest in the right machines and tools guaranteed by our suppliers with the WABA raw material management.

We can provide you strong potential turnover based on our own boatyards. The paradigm shift in favour of local production and a circular economy was successful for all our different location.

Let’s talk

WAWA Creations™ Boatyard operates from strategic locations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Our Boatyard network is finely tuned to serve the Asia Pacific Region and beyond, ensuring that our creations reach enthusiasts worldwide.

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+44 20 3286 3247

We can harness the power of our franchise system and apply our extensive expertise to create a prominent HDPE Boat Building company.

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