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WAWA Creations
Boat Yard Based in Thailand

Boat Yard

G&T Boat Yard employs over 12 workers, the majority of whom have strong naval construction skills. Established on the ancestral lands of Toi, WAWA Thailand is the pioneer construction site of our original concept

— building the future of naval construction

-to new horizons

G&T Boat Yard also accommodates many yachts which winter there while awaiting the return of their owner or that of the tourist season. Watched 24 hours a day by attentive crews assisted by a pair of dogs jealous of their territory, the yachts rest on the holds safely until the time is right for them to set sail again.

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A site with a human face where everyone knows each other and meets up, the G&T Boat Yard has received a number of thanks from the World Sailors who have called there, as evidenced by the testimonies from the four corners of the ocean.

G&T Boat Yard
CEO / Founder

/‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ Toi SANG-IN

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+66 81 891 9726


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104/8 M.6 T.Paklok A.Thalang Phuket, Amphoe Thalang, Thailand, Phuket


+66 76 315 540

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