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WAWA Boats

Reliability Unmatched: Commercial boats must excel in all challenging conditions whether navigating shallow waters or battling turbulent seas. Whether you're engaged in piloting, diving, patrolling, surveying, or simply enjoying leisure time, your vessel demands unwavering safety and durability.

WAWA Coastal cat


WAWA speed cat

High speed

WABA Pontoon boat


We have many different models in moonmind, submit us your project to find the available design in our box of ideas!

People with disabilities are an integral part of our society and should be able to actively participate in it; therefore we did not only make the Wawa Axxess MPL accessible but we also ensured that it could be operated by a person with a disability from his or her wheelchair. This is full integration at work.

Designed for river and coastal trips, the WAWA Quartz let you enjoy dinner parties amongst friends. Enjoy a nice glass of wine in all tranquillity with our strong and robust boat. He can be equipped with electric motors, as a result, operation is virtually maintenance-free when used properly.

Designed for Protection, Scientific survey, Rescue and Surveillance missions of coastal and inland waters or critical infrastructure such as naval bases, harbours , dams and terminals. The multi-purpose Gladiator is an affordable and reliable solution to your needs.

As a professional user you need a reliable tool, something with low maintenance and high reliability. The Iruvai Landing Craft is virtually indestructible and the absence of any paint, combined with the no-nonsense design of WAWA Creations deprive you of any maintenance worry. 

Because we do not make use of moulds and have an in-house design team the Pacific Dive is fully customisable, the renderings are only examples of what can be done for you. Our team is very client orientated and will sit with you to discuss your specific requirements.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” said Leonardo da Vinci. No complicated hydraulics here, no maintenance required. The YAN SABAI can be integrated in a marketing campaign or be part of the green image of your beach hotel. 

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WAWA Creations™ Boatyard operates from strategic locations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Our Boatyard network is finely tuned to serve the Asia Pacific Region and beyond, ensuring that our creations reach enthusiasts worldwide.

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We can harness the power of our franchise system and apply our extensive expertise to create a prominent HDPE Boat Building company.

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