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WAWA Creations
Boat Yard Based in Singapore

Salvage Engineers

HQ Office Yard

This yard has an area of 4046 sqm and a quay side of 80m in length. We have a 250 Ton capacity crawler crane and 3 forklifts based.

Second Yard

This yard has an area of 12,300 sqm and has a total quay side length of 142m. The depth of water along the quay side is 24m at chart datum. This allows us to bring in deep draft vessels. We have a 280 Ton capacity crawler crane and four forklifts based.

Third Yard

This yard has an area of 23,238 sqm and has a total quay side length of 105m. The depth of water along the quay side is 15m at chart datum. We have a 120 Ton capacity telescopic crane and two forklifts based at this yard. This yard is designated for fabrication, newbuildings and mobilisation.

— building the future of naval construction

-to new horizons

SSE employs over 250 workers, owns and operates more than 70 support vessels at our 3 shipyards. The fleet includes a mix of crane barges, work barges, tugs with capabilities to combat oil pollution, supply boats, rescue boats, dive boats and landing pontoons. We are fully equipped to support a wide range of maritime activities including ship repairs, afloat repairs, newbuildings and fabrication works.








SSE MARINE PTE LTD, is not led by a single person, but by a Committed Team, striving towards excellence in serving our Customers. Our system that drives consistency and quality of work for our Long Serving Client. And Constantly looking toward innovations and technology to improve our operation. Our Customers are very the Core Member in our Team, as They are the very Purpose of Why We Do, What we do.


A Common Goal towards Service Excellency, with the Dedication to Train Our People, from Administration, right up to Operations. We ensure no deviation, and everyone has an importance to serve our Customer throughout, to maintain our Customer Satisfactory; with care for Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Specialisation.


Salvage Operations

Underwater Recoveries


Hull Repair Works

Underwater Constructions


HDPE Boat Builder

In-Water Surveys with Class Approved

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