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    Our multifunctional WAWA Pontoon is particularly suitable for use as mobile floating platforms and for transporting machines or goods across water. Very advantageous is the low draught, which also allows sail in shallow waters.

    Multifunctional Pontoon Boat or Single Pontoons with which you can build a floating platform with different sizes according to your requirements. In that way you will have an ideal floating base for safe on the water.

    The multifunctional WAWA Pontoon are generally built in catamaran or trimaran form. The two or three boat hulls consist of our modular pontoon floats of 5.8 m or 8.7 m length, depending on the required load capacity. A solid aluminium support frame can be bolted onto these two pontoon tubes. A deck covering made of in aluminium checker plates or plastic planks can then be installed on top of this. Our recommendation is to choose a boat deck flooring made of non-slip tear plate, so that there is always a certain level of safety on the deck. In addition, the WAWA Pontoon can be completed with further equipment such as a railing, engine and steering console, boarding ladder, position lights, boat trailer, etc.

    The advantages of these Pontoon at a glance:

    • Large working area by boat deck

    • Removable railing

    • Easy to transport onto a boat trailer

    • Very good manoeuvring characteristics

    • Low maintenance

    • High resistance of the pontoon hulls to chemical attack and impacy
    • Small Davit or scaffold can be placed on the deck

    • Low draught

    • Low self-weight

    Suitable for a wide variety of activity on the water

    Would you like to realise your dream of your own houseboat? If so, you can purchase a prefab houseboat and start to build it on our WAWA Pontoon hull.

    With increasing of yachting practice, the desire for exciting excursions, meetings with friends and family around a BBQ. So that you can spend such hours in a very special way, WAWA Pontoon offer you a freely configurable leisure boats.

    If you use our WAWA pontoon, you are able to put a wide variety of personal or business projects on the water into practice. 

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    WAWA Creations™ Boatyard operates from strategic locations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Our Boatyard network is finely tuned to serve the Asia Pacific Region and beyond, ensuring that our creations reach enthusiasts worldwide.

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    We can harness the power of our franchise system and apply our extensive expertise to create a prominent HDPE Boat Building company.

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