Coastal Cleaner

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Because the beach is for everyone

Our Wawa cleaner is a modular solution for keeping the water clean.

It can be used with a trash basket collector added with optional collecting arms and cleaning in front of your resort. or be used as a black water collector in the marina, avoiding the yachts to have to go to the pump-out station but it can also be used with a weed cutter. 

 Thanks to our 100% recyclable HDPE boats you can also improve your sustainability score. 

Coastal Cleaner 

Simple, effective solution.

Length overall: 4.4 m or 5.99 m

Beam overall:  2.4 m  

Draft:  0.3 m

Max. Load: 500 kg or 1200 kg

Propulsion: 5 to 9.9 HP