WAWA Creations

We are a team of enthusiast and creative entrepreneurs. We have a shared passion for boats and anything water-related. We love using recycled and eco-friendly materials into innovative products.

Do you have an idea? Talk to us, the sky is the limit.  

Toi Sang-in (Thailand)

Director G&T Boat Yard

Toi has been working in the marine industry for over 30 years, she owns her own chandlery shop, boat repair and boat hardstand, This gives her extended experience in preventive maintenance and boat equipment.  


Claude Petit (Luxemburg)


Claude has been designing and building boats for over 11 years. He is a Rhino and Orca software specialist which he uses for all his designs. He uses modern technology such as CNC cutting and 3D printing in order to simplify construction.

Peter Jacops (Belgium)

Quality Control

Peter is an ex-merchant marine chief engineer officer with over 20 years of experience in yacht survey and safety standards. His passion is to create accessible- and innovative products., he is also the initiator of the S\V14.org project. 

Jelmer Wijma (The Netherlands) 

Naval Architect

Jelmer graduated from the Haarlem institute for naval architecture (NL) in 2000. He is our in-house structural- and stability engineer and has already designed several HDPE boats that were successfully built.